A storm can be beautiful, powerful and deadly just as in life humankind exhibits rage, fear and desire. The orchestrated music on the A Perfect Storm CD allows you to view all aspects of a storm by incorporating the beauty, power, rage, fear and desire into musical notes that raises your emotion to the level of creation. Enjoy the magnificent journey that you have elected to embark upon through the purchase of A Perfect Storm. 

Don’t you remember the days of being lively and carefree? Serenity makes you want to daydream again of happy times, forget about the negative attitudes or events, believe that anything is possible and accentuate the positive emotions or thoughts. Serenity makes you believe that everything desirable is simply awaiting your call into materialization. I suggest that you place Serenity into your CD player whenever your mood needs to be lifted up and then prepare for a memorable experience into the outer dimension of time and space. 

Bluesy jazz is an accurate description of Gentle Breeze. The lightly plucked main melody of the acoustic guitar beckons a response from the mellow flugelhorn. Such a combination results in a sweet sound that has your hips gently moving from side to side while your body unconsciously sways in the breeze. Now close your eyes and let the blend of the melody and rhythmic accents in Gentle Breeze bathe your senses with its silky smooth pace. Gentle Breeze is simply alluring. You will find it hard to resist listening to the CD over and over again. 

Listen to Distant Thunder while you relieve your stress by enjoying the beautiful scenes of a storm in your mind’s eye. Let Distant Thunder soothe your nerves and the musical notes feel like pearly beads of rain massaging your face, back, thighs, legs, feet, hands and fingertips. Meditate on and visualize the different aspects of the storm as you hear the organ mock the distant thunder as it steadily draws nearer; feel the wind from the saxophone as it gradually grows in intensity; and see the beauty of the lightning that splashes an artful display of differing patterns upon the landscape of your mind through the trumpet in Distant Thunder. When you awaken from this splendid meditation and quietude, your body and mind will feel refreshed ready to successfully tackle the “hustle and bustle” matters of everyday life. Distant Thunder has prepared you well. 

After a storm, a person may wonder about the beauty of its practicality. Think of the fact that a storm spreads seeds (ideas) over a vast distance. These seeds (ideas) eventually sprout, grow and ripen for harvest: A storm’s practicality. As the seeds (ideas) change and mature, their beauty is revealed. It is up to the observer to see and understand the revelation. All of this wonderful perfect practicality is illustrated within Papa Bass’s Passing Storm. Listen to the soprano saxophone sing about the glorious perfection of the storm while the electric piano reminds you of its practicality. Papa Bass’s portrayal of a storm’s aftermath in Passing Storm will sweep you up and engulf you in a delightful array of dancing rhythms. Allow yourself to be pampered by the sounds of Passing Storm. You deserve it! 

The strings and woodwinds within Gale Force Winds create a massive symphony that embodies the reality of being in the midst of gale force winds swirling around your body. Yet, the repetitive plucking of the strings is somehow soothing and superbly complements the full round deep notes of the bass guitar as they alternatively share the lead (Yes, the bass guitar plays the melodious lead in Gale Force Winds.). This song beckons you to embrace its boldness. 

This Perfect Storm is truly a rewarding experience because it makes you feel good on the inside and smile on the outside as it carries you upward in the wind to a higher vibration. Enjoy awakening of your senses to the brilliance of a soprano sax’s solo that is masterfully played. Even the intermittent plucking of the acoustic guitar doesn’t interrupt the melodic transitions of this piece; in fact, the acoustic guitar is adding just the right “pluckeroo” but gentle touch. Let me put this musical rendition into its proper perspective by describing A Perfect Storm as “contemplatively smooth.” 

Hear the rolling thunder and rumbling echoes? See the split second lightning? Then why does Heavy Rain make you feel like dancing? Heavy Rain’s long, flowing notes combined with the bouncing rhythm of the bass guitar makes you want to get up and move your legs, arms, feet and head. This is rhythmic jazz with pizzazz at its best. Heavy Rain is a perfect song for your Pilates workout. 

During a storm one ponders its beauty and perfection. The wind, rain and lightning come together into one magnificent symphony then yields to a gorgeous day with blue skies, white fluffy clouds and a warm bright sun. Rain Dance engulfs all of this beauty as it allows the bass guitar, drum, electric piano, strings, French horn, and soprano saxophone levy a glorious symphonic sound upon your ears. Enjoying the beauty of a storm brings forth love in your heart that must be shared. Share this spirit of love that Rain Dance generates within your heart with others as Papa has shared his heart with you. Rain Dance is a lovely spicy musical mix. 

During Severe Weather there will be much wind, strife, pain, toil and tribulation; but, just like the biblical Job you must hold on to your faith until deliverance arrives. If you are faithful like Job, your reward will be greater than your wildest dreams. This is the secret of Severe Weather: There is always a blessing in every adversity. Papa Bass artfully reveals the secret in the music of Severe Weather. Listen to the song carefully as it lulls you into understanding its secret, and believe in possibilities. 

A Perfect Storm 
An advance copy of A Perfect Storm can be purchased directly from Papa Bass using the address below. Price: $12.97. 

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