Windows of Enlightenment

Windows of Enlightenment 

1. Foreign Dalliance 

The foreign realm is listening to Divine Intelligence recognizing that disobedience ultimately succumbs to peace and justice.  Foreign Dalliance is exemplary of the aforementioned fact. Listen to the perfect organization of the piano and French horn rhythms essentially captivating your senses in melodic stupendous splendor.  Suddenly, a boisterous crescendo of crowd-like sounds created with percussion instruments arise from out of the blue disrupting your satisfied spirit.  Isn’t this a perfect example of disorder or music discord?  But wait, Papa’s Foreign Dalliance is not finished until its musical notes allows your consciousness to peaceably surrender to the immeasurable pleasure of royally smooth jazz. 

2. Domesticity Breeds 

Domesticity Breeds is so mellow even with the human sounds that evoke emotional passion.  This song will have you saying out loud, “Bring it on home to me.”   The “IT” is whatever your imagination can conjure up.  

3. WindowPad Domesticates 

The first couple of notes caused my brow to unfold into relaxation and my mind to say, “Yes! He’s back.”  WindowPad Domesticates evokes in your mind the spirit of the old-time bebop jazz of the 1940s…. the time of improvisation, harmonic structure and instrumental virtuosity.  The kind of sophisticated rhythmic jazz that contemporaneously moves your shoulders, head and feet through each harmonic progression.  

WindowPad Domesticates is sensuously smooth.  It beckons for WindowPad to return to its own country and shower the fruits of its labors upon its true and rightful owner.  Now, allow the mellow sax to cause you to swoon as you BOP to Papa’s music. 

4. Mirroring Spatially 

Mirroring Spatially possesses a Brazilian-Caribbean beat with a hint of exceptional laid back soulful American musical swag. The instruments blend yet simultaneously stand out beautifully.  These musical notes simply engulf the brain matter & slowly undulates up, down as well as through the sutures and bubbly folds then luxuriates in its awesome power of knowledge, health, illusion, healing, love, peace & wholeness. Complete perfection!  Adversary let us join together like brain texture & make this situation we find ourselves in a winning one for both of us mirroring and thinking spatially i.e., Adversary looks at 1987 mirroring WindowPad holding 1984 spatially.  A change or rather exchange is manifesting.    NAMASTE! 

5. Curative Action 

A curative action is passed retroactively to correct the errors or irregularities in past legal proceedings and render them valid and effective for an intended purpose.  Getting a legal proceeding re-opened based upon new information essentially initiates a curative action.  Similarly, Papa’s Curative Action provides a soothing musical portrayal of the intended consequence of the action i.e., the snare drum’s smooth reggae beat flowing into the fullness of cymbals and trombones resulting in an exchange of pleasantries.  

6. Windows of Enlightenment 

If you have been following the legal battles of Adversary and WindowPad then you realize that each song supra is a WINDOW of Enlightenment into each phase of the war. 

Windows of Enlightenment is a strong, brassy, bossy but agile piece.  The addition of string instruments, including bass guitar, makes the music a superb mixture of symphonic wonderment.

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