The Miracle of Eight


Recent events cause one to pause and ponder: New regime but old firm still equals Adversary.  However, seven years have passed since the last meeting with Adversary (2008). Additionally, numerological, biblical and metaphysical experts agree that seven signifies the end of a cycle and eight represents new beginnings, a resurrection or birth.   Regardless of whether WindowPad resurrects from smoldering embers due to an interdict or arises in a new form due to a joint venture with a new partner, the eighth year prognosticates change. 

IT’S YOUR MOVE opens with a blend of instruments, including the electric organ and strings, RISING to an orgasmic entrance of the strings and tenor sax accentuating its name and firmly declaring IT’S YOUR MOVE. He that has ears let him hear and interpret the clear meaning of the song’s pulsating beat. 

Drawing on reservoirs of courage and faith for seven years (2008-2015) can manifest a miracle in the eighth year (2016) for WindowPad just as it did for the Jewish army against the Syrian-Greek occupation in 139 BCE.  Grace empowers transformative change and WindowPad is glimpsing it. 

Transformative is exactly what GLIMPSE OF GRACE does to your senses: FIRST, the electric piano has your head bobbing and nodding while the organ causes the torso to twist and turn.  SECOND, the mesmerizing tenor sax has you transfixed to its smooth, low, full, bold and curvaceous notes that cause your legs to move the body in a sensuous and seductive manner.  THIRD, the rich sound of the vibes simply make you believe that the world is your oyster and anything you desire is yours. Eureka!! Your brain has just glimpsed GRACE in the rhythm of Papa.   


Sniff the air. Can you smell the change that is coming?  Some people can. They have good noses.  The Whiffler wonders if forgiveness and monetary compensation are on the horizon as well.  Remember, the adage “nothing beats a failure but a try.” In other words stop wondering, move in the direction of congeniality and extend your hand in friendship. You just may be pleasantly surprised that everyone can win in this situation. 

Synchronicity of coincidences may not be just chance events but the universe urgently putting events in front of you that cannot be ignored in order to get you on the right track.   How can you tell when the universe is trying to get your attention? Listen to your inner voice, the words of a song or melodious smooth jazz that brings to mind a significant event. Sniff scents around you while walking, patting your knee or enjoying the sounds of the acoustic guitar playfully dancing around with the electric piano and tenor sax. Then notice your body’s signs. Some individuals denote a sign or recommendation from the universe by feeling butterflies in the stomach while others will know they are on the right path by a sweet smell as in the scent of roses. Regardless of how the universe makes suggestions to you, it is very important that you LISTEN and pay attention otherwise you will place yourself in a repetitious cycle of the same circumstances (usually worse) until the lesson is learned or you get on the right track.  SNIFF AND WHIFFLE’s acoustic guitar, electric piano and tenor sax learned their lessons well as each recognized when to allow the other to individually play and shine in the spotlight.  Subsequently, in the middle of the song, all instruments join together and complement one another in a wondrous way then signs off one by one leaving you smiling in satisfaction. Expect to play SNIFF AND WHIFFLE more than once before moving to the next track. 

4. LEESY     

LEESY is like a good wine, it just gets better with age.  Similarly, an unjust decision gets embellished with more details and better with age the longer it stays in the national and international realms.  

LEESY is LEESY.  What else can I say?  It is smooth and graceful but when LEESY needs to express itself in a boisterous way, it bellows with an oceanic expanse of rhythms that cause you to envision yourself under a dome enmeshed in beautiful swirls of music.   Versatility is LEESY’s pseudonym.  Listen to the laid back sound of the electric bass as it yields to the emotionally stirring notes of the tenor sax.  In addition, did you hear the amplified French horn bellowing and seeming to surround but not distort the sax’s tender notes, the acoustic piano’s light-fingers or the low bossy sound of the electric bass guitar?  LEESY delivers a delicious instrumental repertoire for your discerning palate.  

5. PAPA’S THEME        

Let’s shake the posterior, roll the shoulders and be gregarious together while luxuriating in PAPA’S THEME. Oh, how the snare drum sticks beat out an anticipatory introduction for the theme of this musical masterpiece. The cadence is so delightfully memorable that you rise to your feet ready to sway knowing that glory is approaching.  Later, the chop sticks join the snares and send you on your way to meet with destiny. The remaining instruments complementing the percussion section provide the best rendition of syncopation and accentuation ever heard.  


Eight is simultaneously first and the end i.e., the first day of a new beginning and the end of the old.  Hence, seven years of faith, endurance, humility, long-suffering, courage and tribulation yields to transformative change bringing forth wealth, peaceful desires, inner wisdom, pragmatism, good judgement, abundance and integrity thereby resulting in all adversarial parties winning. 

Notice how the bass guitar, electric guitar and organ clearly signifies each attribute or quality of the metaphysical and transformative aspects of THE MIRACLE OF EIGHT. One can actually repeat the name of each characteristic along with the music.  Thus, there appears to be a mystical element embedded within the aura of THE MIRACLE OF EIGHT creating an ambience of wholesomeness and goodness.

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