A Fifth of Blues

A Fifth of Blues 

Encapsulated:  1984, 1987, 2016 
What connects the three years?  Answer: WindowPad’s copyright & trademark 

The swishing accents of the percussive cymbals, jazzy organ and playful electric piano call forth the “I’ve got you now” muted horns and sassy brass.  Papa makes all of these instruments swish and swirl yet gives each section its time in the spotlight to shine in a manner similar to significant events in 1984 (WindowPad), and 1987 (Memo/Four before Seven). 2016 (The prognosticator) encapsulates 1984 & 1987.  It is now time to give your right foot a rest from tapping and switch to the left foot.  You are experiencing positive irrepressible movement to Papa Bass’s mellifluous creation. 

Court Blasted Blues  

Some people read a document, take what it relates at face value and make snap decisions while others dig beneath the surface and uncover the meat…the real meat….the delectably seasoned meat that still retains its salt.  The deciphered written meat unveils knowledge of the narrow lonesome path that when followed leads the rightful owner to the golden treasure, thence WindowPad blasts out. 

Court Blasted Blues starts out soft with the organ alone setting the rhythm for a few bars, then the big bad saxophone bursts out and spills forward with its full euphonious notes.  Who would have dreamed that the saxophone could be so soothing? Yet, you are listening to the Sax levy pleasant honey-filled notes upon your ear. Thus, Papa has demonstrably delivered another lesson: Always look beneath the surface or within for the gold because it is never on top. 

A Fifth of Blues  
A Fifth of Blues possesses a foreboding sound full of heaviness and dread as blown by the Soprano Saxophone.  This song is essentially, the Bluesiest of the blues.  Even though you may shake your head commiserating with the melody, Papa Bass uses the whiny harmonica to light the path to a feeling of good-will and hope. He never lets you stay down.   

Adversary’s Symptomatic Ways  

Question:  Can Adversary plot a new, positive & meaningful course of action? 
Doesn’t Adversary’s Symptomatic Ways seem to ask whether to choose Course A or Course B? It seems to be timidly moving in more than one direction simultaneously.  Nevertheless, the instruments are blended quite well and definitely creates a picture as well as feeling of indecisiveness. One thing is for sure, it is quintessentially Papa Bass because your body parts are impulsively and unconsciously moving. 

Fallen Chiefs One by One 

Do you remember Papa’s Despot, Ferret, Duck and Fester (The Ides)?  Have you figured out who the characters represent?  If so, then you can understand Fallen Chiefs One by One.  All for one, one for all and all fall down.  

Fallen Chiefs One by One is a nice slow tune for holding your “sweet one” close while dancing under very dim lights.  

Virtuosity Exposes You 

Papa Bass has skillfully turned Adversary’s maneuvering to wrench WindowPad into a musical folktale and the people of the world have become enlightened. 

A very sexy tune that puts you in the realm of togetherness. Virtuosity Exposes You also evokes erotic and romantic feelings.  The title aptly describes the deep soulful notes played by tenor saxophone subsequently joined by the lightheartedness of the organ and harmonica.

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