COTTON AUCTION:Time to Submit Your SEALED Bids!

HIGH COTTON is just one way of saying success in life or living the high life.  This success can take many forms: monetary success, prosperous ideas, success at home or in business, successful personal or business relationships. However, there is also the type of success that results from patiently planting seeds and having the fruits of your labor stored in God’s storehouse to be used in whatever manner necessary to bring forth your highest good that not even you could have conceived of; and thereby, subsequently pouring a bountiful fortuitous wealth into your hands.  The music in HIGH COTTON exudes the latter type of success.  The song titles speak for themselves.  Each title describes not only the music you will hear but the feeling that will be evoked as well. For example, imagine wearing the best tuxedo and prancing to the beat of CUMMERBUND after you have just sold your “work product”/creation to the HIGHEST BIDDER. Don’t forget to say “THANK YOU.” 

1. BOUNTIFUL-High-stepping gaiety presented by the classy piano accompanied by plenty of strong brassy high pitched notes. 

2. THE GOZ LIFE -Smooth articulate piano chords that create the mood of gliding from one happy adventure to another. 

3. HIGH COTTON-Swing with the majestic organ that calls to the background brass to come forth and respond in kind. Life is good! 
4. CUMMERBUND-Proudly, Papa Bass uses the electric piano’s precise notes to paint prancing steps upon the canvas of your mind’s third eye and thrills the heart.  CUMMERBUND personifies Papa’s admirableness. 

5. HIGHEST BIDDER GETS THE COTTON-Imagine the many voices bidding for cotton as the interplay of instruments but in a rhythmic fashion finally yielding to one voice. This is the exuberant winner of the cotton i.e., the Highest Bidder.  

6. THANK YOU-Melodious and warm.

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